Lindy Communities and Piazza On the Square are proud to sponsor this fundraising event at The Uptown Saturday, Sept. 23.

The upcoming event started with a call from Jenkintown Mayor, and musician, Ed Foley, who was watching hurricane coverage on TV a few days ago. “By the time Irma came through, it was clear people were going to need a lot of help,” the mayor said. “I could see that there were going to be pictures on TV of people suffering, a lot of destruction, and I thought, if there’s some way we can help them, let’s try.” The mayor started contacting fellow musicians and word spread. Camera Thief drummer Robert DeFazio of Doylestown had been watching the same TV coverage.

Now five bands including Camera Thief will play a Saturday night fundraising concert at the Uptown at the Piazza on the Square on Old York Road in Jenkintown. Tickets are $50. The money raised will go to an organization in Pittsburgh called Brother’s Brother Foundation.

To purchase tickets or make a donation please visit:

Enjoy this great video from CBS Philly and Ukee Washington shot at The Uptown.